Peaches n’ Gus

After a busy July, Hunter and I are FINALLY back home and able to relax for the rest of the summer season! This past weekend, we went out to a local farm in our area – Detering Orchards – to pick peaches during their annual “Peach Daze” event! The peaches and produce are delicious, so if you live close or are visiting Oregon, I suggest you get out there before the season is over!

My sister Casey with Gus and I ready to go fill our bucket!

We took Gus with us as a part of his training and socialization work. Gus has struggles with fear and insecurity, so we are trying hard to expose him to fun situations with low stress and high reward. Gus usually does very well when we go hiking or anywhere outdoors, but has a hard time when we are around buildings or people in a city-like feel. He is learning how to stay patient on leash with us if we sit still for awhile instead of getting antsy or anxious during those times. We figured that going to the farm where people and vendors would be, but also some field space would be good for him…and he loved it!

Gus following Hunter looking for a good peach

All in all we had such a fun day out on the farm. We are excited to go back again before the Summer ends and to stock up on more delicious produce…as well as continue to build up a confident little pup!

Family Love



Always another dog class

So, over the past 8 months or so, I have gone through many different dog classes with Hadley and Gus. Before we got Hadley, we didn’t really do much training with Gus and I had no idea what I was doing in terms of teaching my dog what I wanted him to know. When Hadley entered the picture, I took her through 3 puppy classes at Petsmart and my love of training began. She quickly went through a beginner, intermediate and an advanced level class – ending with achieving her CGC certification.

As I took Hadley through her training classes, I also started to do the homework and practice at home with Gus. Gus had learned a total of 4 tricks (sit, down, wait, and dance) while we had had him. He was nervous about training and I didn’t know how to teach him anything more than he had already knew. He was not confident and didn’t trust the learning process. Starting from the basics again really helped establish that learning was fun. By the time Hadley was in her advanced class, Gus had also become that much more confident in his overall behavior.

Since the beginning classes, I have done flyball, rally, agility, and now therapy dog training classes. All of these have been eye opening for me as I’ve learned so much about training my puppies. I’ve really taken to flyball with Hadley and agility with Gus, and am now working with Hadley to become a therapy team by next year. Overall it’s been quite the experience but I’m excited to see what another year will do for these two!

Hadley & Gus – Agility
Hadley – Flyball (PC: Crystal Beck – SoFly Photography)
Hadley – Rally
Gus – Agility


Hadley & Gus

IMG_2515This is Gus. He is a 6lb Yorkie mighty man who has quite the personality. He is sweet, spunky and adorable…but definitely has his moments. We adopted Gus when he was only 8 months old, and didn’t quite realize what we were getting ourselves into. Gus has some insecurities and fear based “issues” that we have had to work on over the past few years. As his newly-established parents, we didn’t do a great job of training him or setting up boundaries at first, which ended up leading to more behavioral problems. This past year however, we have turned a big corner with Gus as he has learned a better recall, gone up to strangers bravely, and even started agility training! His confidence is growing and hopefully soon, he will be a happy and content dog with nothing to fear.

IMG_2473Now this is Hadley. Hadley just turned 1 a few months ago. She is an F1b English Creme Goldendoodle with a lot of spunk and sass. I got Hadley in hopes of one day becoming a therapy dog team with her where we could go around town and help others in medical facilities, schools, the library, and even the juvenile detention center. We have gone through many classes together and are beginning the journey towards joining a therapy dog program here in the next year. Hadley has also joined a Flyball club, which has become a fun team activity for the both of us on week nights and tournament weekends. Hadley is on track to participate in her first tournament this next year and we are so excited! She is a lot of fun and absolutely ADORES her little big brother Gus.

We have a lot of fun at our house, even though we have had to go through lots of training with each dog. Although we have had some rough points, and are still working on some bigger behavioral issues with Gus, both pups bring a lot of joy to our family through their goofiness and love. Throughout this adventurous journey, I personally have also found a love of training and working with dogs. I am excited to continue learning to become a better trainer myself through classes and working with local trainers in town!